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3D Matrix, 39.3"*11.8", 2023

3D Matrix


These synthesized portrait works are viewed from a certain distance, shattering into abstraction as we approach them. The transformation of the viewer’s perception from a fully synthesized ‘picture’ to individual squares invoke a new meaning.

I was curious to see how a 3D print can interact with its viewer to create a playful viewing experience and a sense of novelty in the viewer’s perception as he/she gets closer or farther from the print.

#MahsaAmini, Mohsen Mohammad Pour, 3D Print, 39.3"*11.8", 2023

#MahsaAmini, Khodanur Lojei, 3D Print, 39.3"*11.8", 2023

#MahsaAmini, Nika Shahkarami, 3D Print, 39.3"*11.8", 2023

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