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The terrible year of Ox, Datagraphy, 39.3"*27.5", 2019


Back in the day, Datagraphy, 39.3"*27.5", 2019



This series of work is my own developed printmaking technique, Datagraphy. I established my own rules and method to make the art works. I call my project Recollection because my art works are dealing with the recollection concept at both the method/material and theme levels. On the one hand, the technique was developed based on recollection of the pieces that I had put together in my trials and matrices consisted of modifications of small pieces of recycled objects such as juice boxes that were collected by my acquaintances at the time of the project. On the other hand, the artworks present the recollections of the powerful moments of my life as it was captured in pictures, senses, memory and things that I had found attractive.

The print matrix was made by combining and fixing thousands of small pixel elements from the juice boxes with different roughness applied on the surface. A documented formula for juxtapositioning of the ‘pixels’ was created that would allow for reproduction of the matrix by myself or others and in different sizes. The matrix, therefore, became an artwork equal to the print, and the characteristic of matrix like the print also changed to a reproducible object. ​The numerous small geometric forms, build the dynamic of my pictures.


The one I know, Datagraphy, 39.3"*27.5", 2019


I love you, Datagraphy, 19.6"*27.5", 2019


Death and the Maiden, Datagraphy, 19.6"*27.5", 2019

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