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Forbidden Women

Who we really are? Is it our decisions and priorities that makes us who we are; or the society is the one who dictates its wills and values upon us, and persuades us to follow what makes us more acceptable? and if this is the case, how our identity is shaping regarding the surrounding environment and what we get from the others? So, where is the role of our inside point of view, the inner personal perspective? 

Is there any vivid answer to any of these question?

Finding a concrete view that defines the boundaries of our sources for decision-making in daily life is, however, impossible. These boundaries are changing their shape, alter their margins, reform and regenerate parts if required. In these series of Mezzotint works, I try to look at these boundaries from my (say current) point of view... as it may change in no time.

Mezzotint is a labour-intensive process of rocking.  the method I have chosen has another level, and twist to my concept.  The repetitive and ongoing struggle etc. etc. etc.  

the slowness and intensity of technique reminds me how it would be difficult to get to know who we really are.

Forbidden Women, Mezzotint, 10"*13", 2018
Virginia, Mezzotint, 10"*13", 2018
The Woman, Mezzotint, 10"*13", 2016
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