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Emerald, (SaNg Project)


How a single concept is interpreted by two different artists with different backgrounds. How an idea is shaped by them in their art works? How would the process of art making be different if two artists decide to work closely to make arts together?


These questions attracted us (I  and Negin Ehtesabian) from the very first conversation we had in Autumn 2012. We agreed on starting an experimental project and see how our abilities and creativities will guide us to make art despite the differences in our methods. we started to share our thoughts and drawings. The initial result was amazing, so we decided to continue this cooperation under a certain body of works that was called Sang-Art projects.

Medusa, Mezzotint, 3.9"*5.9", 2016


The floated accessory , Mezzotint, 3.9"*5.9", 2016


The lost one, Mezzotint, 3.9"*5.9", 2016

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